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The best vegan lipsticks | Sali Hughes | Fashion



According to Pinterest, “vegan lipstick” was among the most searched-for beauty terms in 2019. User searches for lip colours with no lanolin, beeswax or carmine (the crimson pigment, used in food, paint, cosmetics and more, that’s traditionally obtained by crushing minuscule insects), and that are not sold in mainland China (where animal testing is broadly mandatory), were up 150% year-on-year. It’s not a surprising figure, given the astronomical growth in vegan lifestyle. Accordingly, there are such a vast number of lipsticks for vegans that it’s no longer a question of what are they, but which are the best.

I always feel matte finishes are the truest measure of a lipstick brand, as they pose the biggest challenge – colour must be vivid and dense (any fool can make sheer tinted balm); lasting power should be long; lips should remain comfortable, not dry, rough and tight.

In terms of colour saturation minus the busied bees and crushed beetles, it’s hard to beat Smashbox’s new Always On Cream to Matte Lipstick (3; £19). The teardrop-shape bullet draws on colour sharply and precisely, and I found the colour (Fresca, a dirty mid-tone nude) remained unchanged all day, regardless of whether it had been applied over foundation or bare skin. Natural oils make for an almost balmy creaminess rarely associated with mattes. My only gripe is that there’s no tomatoey red in the lineup, which seems an unforgivable oversight.

You’re doubtless sick of my quacking on about e.l.f., so I shan’t dwell, but this wholly vegan colour and skin brand is remarkably good and has helped me through myriad on-the-go beauty emergencies. Its Velvet Matte Lipstick (1; £4.50), in an unsatisfactorily small range of colours, feels way more moisturising than many on the high street, and its only-a-whisper-shy-of-matte finish works in its favour, particularly if super-flat lipsticks feel too punchy a statement for work.

The brand formerly known as Kat Von D has just bid its controversial founder farewell, but kept her vegan manifesto and rebranded as KVD Beauty. The offputtingly naff LA packaging looks set to go, with something more modern to take its place, and products may be renamed along with the brand. So if you’re quick, the old incarnation of the excellent, comfy, almost-matte-but-not-quite Satin-Matte Cream Lipstick can be snagged at a clearance price (2; £11.39 at Debenhams). If you don’t get lucky, keep lips puckered and eyes peeled for the new rollout.

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How to Deal With Common Plumbing Problems




Got any leaking pipes and taps in your home? Plumbing problems are indeed a headache. It is an expensive problem as it wastes a lot of water and can damage your property if left unfixed for a long time. It may also cause mildew and other material damages that will put you and your family’s health at risk. To avoid bigger problems that plumbing incurs, you have to take action right away. 

Check out the list of the most common household plumbing problems and how you can fix them to guide you below.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains occur when the water in your sink, toilet, or bathtub is not able to run completely. The most common causes of clogged drains are when hair, soap, dirt, food waste, and toilet paper gets stuck on the walls of drain pipes. If not fixed right away, clogged drains can lead to flooding, slow water drainage, corrosion, and even sewage backup. To combat this problem, you can use your trusty plunger to dislodge the clog. You can also use commercial drain cleaners occasionally. However, frequent you of commercial drain cleaners can damage your drainage pipes so this should be done sparingly. For prevention, installing a drain screen is highly recommended.

Low Water Pressure

If water only trickles from the tap, you are experiencing low water pressure problems. One of the most common causes of this is a build-up of deposits or sediment on faucet aerators. To fix this, you can remove aerators from your kitchen faucets and have them cleaned by soaking it overnight in a vinegar solution. If you still encounter this issue after cleaning the aerators, it is best to contact plumbing contractors to check the problem. Make sure to contact reliable contractors with a master contractor’s plumbing license to ensure quality service. Professional help is recommended after a basic fix as you may have a more complex issue that can damage your home’s foundation which only a licensed plumber can identify and repair.

Running Toilet

A running toilet occurs when your toilet flapper does not seal, or if you have a bad fill valve or an overflow pipe at the wrong height. Up to 200 gallons of water can be wasted every day if you have a running toilet. To fix this, you can just purchase any easy-install toilet repair kits which can be purchased at any hardware store. If your problem still persists after changing the flapper, fill valve, and overflow pipe, then there might be some sediments that are affecting your toilet flushing and filling capabilities. If your water bill is very high, then you should also check for silent leaks. To do this, you can add a few drops of food coloring to the upper tank for about 15 to 20 minutes. If you see any hint of color in the bowl, this indicates that your toilet flapper is not working properly. 

Leaky Pipes

There are several causes of leaking pipes. It may be caused by small shifts in your home’s foundation, high water pressure, tiny cracks caused by tree roots, corrosion, and temperature changes. If left untreated, leaking pipes can cause major problems in your home. These problems can range from poor water quality, warped and stained walls, invasive black mold, and even flooding.  To fix this, first, you have to shut off the water supply to your home. Then drain the faucets connected to the pipe by turning them on. Afterwards, use a cleaning cloth to wipe the leaking area on the pipe. Make sure to put a cloth or bucket underneath the leak. Next, you can use tape, compound, and fillers over the source of the leak, but remember that this is just a temporary fix. It is still best to contact a plumber for a permanent solution.

Dripping Faucet

Having a leaky or dripping faucet can be quite annoying but you should not overlook this problem. It is a clear waste of water that can cost up to $20 per year. A problem in the o-ring, corroded valve seat, worn-out washer, or an improperly installed washer are the major causes of leaky faucets. To repair this, you can just replace the worn washer, o-rings, or valves.  You can also purchase faucet repair kits which can be bought from hardware stores as well.

Common plumbing problems if left untreated entail costly damages as well as safety and health risks. You can easily fix these plumbing issues right away, especially with the help of the above mentioned tips. However, if the problem persists or if you find it difficult to do it on your own, it is best to seek professional plumbing services.


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Thousands Rally Before Argentine Congress to Legalize Abortion




Thousands of women, including members of feminist groups from the United States and Chile, gathered on Wednesday in front of the Argentine Congress to campaign for abortion to be made legal on demand.

Waving green hankerchiefs, the emblem of their movement, they held banners reading “Legal, safe and free abortion” and called for the measure to be included in the parliamentary agenda this year.

“We hope that Argentina passes this law, we hope that Congress heeds the call of Argentine women,” said Johanna Cervone, of the Women’s Equality Center in the United States.

The protesters included members of a Chilean feminist collective, which staged a choreography act in front of parliament.

Latin America has some of the strictest abortion laws in the world, said one of the protest leaders, Johanna Cervone of the Women’s Equality Center.

In Argentina, it is legal to interrupt a pregnancy when the life or health of a woman is at risk or if the pregnancy was the result of rape.

In these cases, the Ministry of Health has a guide for medical staff in public and private institutions, but several provinces – whose populations have a strong conservative component – have refused to apply that protocol.

Congress debated a decriminalization project for abortion in 2018, but the initiative – which was approved by the House of Representatives – failed to move forward in the Senate.

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Today’s famous birthdays list for February 21, 2020 includes celebrities Sophie Turner, Jennifer Love Hewitt




Associated Press

Top celebrity birthdays on February 21, 2020

Birthday wishes go out to Sophie Turner, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and all the other celebrities with birthdays today.  Check out our slideshow below to see photos of famous people turning a year older on February 21st and learn an interesting fact about each of them.

-Mike Rose,

Associated Press

Actor Anthony Daniels turns 74

Fun fact: Appeared in ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ as a character other than C-3PO

Associated Press

Actor Kelsey Grammer turns 65

Fun fact: Was born in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Associated Press

Actor William Baldwin turns 57

Fun fact: Twice-nominated for Razzie Awards

Associated Press

Actor Tituss Burgess turns 41

Fun fact: Originally from Athens, Georgia

Associated Press

Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt turns 41

Fun fact: Once had a guest role in an episode of ‘Boy Meets World’

Check out other celebrities who appeared on ‘Boy Meets World’

Associated Press

Director and actor Jordan Peele turns 41

Fun fact: Won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for ‘Get Out’

Associated Press

Actress Ashley Greene turns 33

Fun fact: Recently appeared in the Hallmark movie ‘Christmas on My Mind’

Associated Press

Actress Ellen Page turns 33

Fun fact: Originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia

Check out other celebrities you didn’t know were born in Canada

Associated Press

Actress Hayley Orrantia turns 26

Fun fact: Competed on the first season of ‘The X Factor’

Associated Press

Actress Sophie Turner turns 24

Fun fact: Her middle name is Belinda

Associated Press

Check out our slideshow featuring more photos and Sophie Turner fun facts

More celebrities with birthdays today

Movie director Bob Rafelson is 87. Actor Gary Lockwood is 83. Actor-director Richard Beymer is 81. Actor Peter McEnery is 80. Film/music company executive David Geffen is 77. Actress Tyne Daly is 74. Tricia Nixon Cox is 74. Rock musician Jerry Harrison (The Heads) is 71. Actress Christine Ebersole is 67. Actor William Petersen is 67. Country singer Mary Chapin Carpenter is 62. Actor Kim Coates is 62. Actor Jack Coleman is 62. Actor Christopher Atkins is 59. Rock musician Michael Ward is 53. Actress Aunjanue Ellis is 51. Blues musician Corey Harris is 51. Country singer Eric Heatherly is 50. Rock musician Eric Wilson is 50. Rock musician Tad Kinchla (Blues Traveler) is 47. Singer Rhiannon Giddens (Carolina Chocolate Drops) is 43. Actor Brendan Sexton III is 40. Singer Charlotte Church is 34. Actor Corbin Bleu is 31.

Other popular or historical birthdays on February 21st

Erma Bombeck, humorist

Alan Rickman, actor – Alan Rickman’s most-memorable film roles

with The Associated Press and

Associated Press

Celebrity fun facts

Emilia Clarke

Sophie Turner

Jason Momoa

Danielle Fishel and the ‘Boy Meets World’ cast

Chris Hemsworth

Amanda Seyfried

Kat Dennings

Robert Downey Jr.

Alyson Hannigan

Tiffani Amber Thiessen

Miley Cyrus

Emma Stone

Seth MacFarlane

Mark Hamill

Jennifer Lawrence & Mila Kunis

David Hasselhoff

Lindsay Lohan

Natalie Portman

George Clooney

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Emma Watson

Alec Baldwin

Jenna Fischer

Kate Mara

Jennifer Aniston

Alan Alda

Betty White

Dave Matthews

Danica McKellar

Taylor Swift

Britney Spears

Bill Nye

Scarlett Johansson

Rachel McAdams

Demi Moore

Julia Roberts

Associated Press

Movie and TV fun facts & more

20 romantic comedies to enjoy with your significant other

The Royal Family: Who is next in line for the British Throne?

30 celebrities who were guest stars on ‘The Office’

88 celebrities who were born in Canada

In memoriam: Celebrities we lost in 2019 | 2018

Oscars hosts since 1989

25 Fun facts about ‘Friends’ | 25 celebrities who appeared on ‘Friends’

25 actors you didn’t know were on ‘Game of Thrones’

25 actors you didn’t know appeared in ‘Boy Meets World’

The MCU timeline: From ‘Iron Man’ to ‘Avengers: Endgame’

20 fun facts about ‘The Phantom Menace’ for its 20th anniversary

15 fun facts about ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ to celebrate its 15th anniversary

20 fun facts about ‘Love Actually’

Relive your childhood with these 120 Hanna-Barbera cartoons

Fun facts about ‘The Big Lebowski’ and 20 other movies turning 20 in 2018

Fun facts about ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ for its 20th anniversary

Celebrate ‘Dirty Dancing’ turning 30 with these fun facts

20 fun facts about ‘Scream’ for its 20th anniversary

‘Romeo + Juliet’ turns 20: Where are they now

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