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Bachelor Spoilers: New spoilers about ‘The Bachelor’ star Peter Weber’s Final 2 picks, alleged ultimatum, and who Peter ends up with in the finale reported (SPOILERS)



Bachelor spoilers have emerged revealing new details about the ending of Peter Weber’s The Bachelor season — including what happens on Peter’s hometown dates, how the alleged ultimatum The Bachelor star receives unfolds, and new spoilers about what happens once Peter picks his Final 2 bachelorettes and gets ready for his final Rose Ceremony.

[Bachelor Spoilers Warning: This report contains huge spoilers about Peter Weber’s 2020 season of The Bachelor and will spoil The Bachelor season for you.]

Reality TV World has compiled all the currently spoilers known about Peter’s The Bachelor season based on Reality Steve blogger Steve Carbone’s spoiling disclosures since the 2020 season started filming last September, which he reported in his blog and podcast as well as hundreds of social-media postings on Twitter and Instagram.

This includes surprising new spoilers the Bachelor spoiler sleuth reported on his spoiler blog on Tuesday, following Monday night’s broadcast of The Bachelor’s seventh episode.

In addition, we have also incorporated all the spoiler information ABC has released about Peter’s season of The Bachelor in its own press materials about the season.

Carbone released many of his The Bachelor spoilers for Peter’s 2020 season — which began filming in September in California and wrapped filming in November in Australia — in real-time as filming took place, or shortly thereafter.

Peter had to endure weeks of drama, and as of recently, he struggled to find out which The Bachelor bachelorettes on the show were truly there for him and who was absolutely ready to get engaged and settle down.

Peter has said he’s looking for the real deal and a woman with whom to spend the rest of his life.


At this point in The Bachelor star’s journey to find love, only four women remain: Hannah Ann Sluss, Kelsey Weier, Madison Prewett and Victoria Fuller.

Peter narrowed down his The Bachelor  bachelorettes to only four after letting go of Natasha Parker as well as a frontunner from early on in the season, Kelley Flanagan.

Now that Peter’s time in Lima, Peru is over, Peter will be shown heading back to the United States, where he will visit each of his Final 4 bachelorette’s hometowns.

Spoilers for The Bachelor Episode 8 (Hometown dates)

The women’s hometown dates reportedly filmed from October 26 to November 1, starting with Madison’s date in Auburn, AL.


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Victoria’s date reportedly taped in Virginia Beach, VA, on October 28; Hannah Ann introduced Peter to her family in Powell, TN, on October 30; and then Peter met Kelsey’s family in Des Moines, IA, on November 1.

But according to ABC’s press release for the next episode, Hannah Ann’s hometown date will be shown first in the upcoming The Bachelor episode on Monday, February 17 at 8PM ET/PT on ABC.

When Peter visited Hannah Ann, he attempted to impress her protective and “lumberjack” father with “his axe-throwing, crosscut saw and log-splitting prowess at the Smoky Mountain Throw Down,” ABC revealed.

Peter later dined with Hannah Ann’s parents at their home, but The Bachelor bachelorette’s father was concerned when Peter admitted he was falling in love with the 23-year-old model.


Hannah Ann’s dad pressured Peter to make him a promise and only use the “L-word” under one condition when it comes to his daughter.

The Bachelor viewers will then watch Kelsey and Peter’s date in Iowa.

Carbone reported on Instagram she and Peter were spotted around the state capital during the day.

Kelsey and Peter visited a winery and had a great time stomping their own grapes, tasting wine and creating their own blend for the day portion of their date.

Before Kelsey introduced Peter to her family, she apparently told The Bachelor star exactly how she felt about him and didn’t hold back.

It’s likely Kelsey professed her love to Peter, and then Peter met her mother and stepfather in a home production had rented for the night, Carbone reported.

Madison will be shown treating Peter, a big sports fan, to a date on the basketball court at Auburn University, where her father is an assistant men’s basketball coach.

Madison and Peter reportedly shot some hoops with surprise guest Bruce Pearl, the head coach of the Auburn Tigers.

Madison proved she has some serious skills on the court, befitting a four-time high school state champion, according to the network.

“It seems like a match made in heaven, but when Peter meets her family, they recognize there are some serious differences between the two” and they may not be on the same page, ABC revealed.

The dinner portion of Madison’s date reportedly took place back at Coach Pearl’s house.


Madison already mentioned to Peter this season she’s very religious and hopes to marry a man who will be a spiritual leader for her future children — similar to the role her father plays in her own family.

But according to Carbone, Peter didn’t exactly win Madison’s father over, as he failed to receive a blessing to propose marriage to The Bachelor bachelorette.

Peter finds out about Victoria’s alleged scandalous past

Peter will then be shown spending a day in Virginia Beach with Victoria F., who surprised The Bachelor star with a special concert by country music star Hunter Hayes, who serenaded the couple with his hit song “I Want Crazy.”

But Carbone previously reported unprecedented drama occurred while Peter was filming his The Bachelor hometown date with Victoria F.

Peter was supposedly having a great time with Victoria F. and couldn’t wait to meet his possible future in-laws — until all hell broke loose and an unexpected visitor dropped “a bomb” or “stunning accusation,” according to ABC.

“Peter was confronted by an ex from years ago, Merissa Pence, who informed him that Victoria had a very shady past,” Carbone wrote on Instagram.

Victoria’s reported scandalous past allegedly includes several affairs with the husbands of some of her own friends.

Merissa had reportedly spent several weeks trying to contact The Bachelor producers and make Peter aware of Victoria’s history, and finally spoke with Peter during the public portion of Victoria’s date at the concert.

“She talks to Peter and tells him about Victoria and her past and that she’s not here for the right reasons. [Merissa said something like], ‘I want you to find your woman. This one isn’t for you,'” Carbone said in his December 5 podcast.


A visibly upset Peter then reportedly brought up the allegations to Victoria later that day when they were standing outside of the house where The Bachelor star was supposed to meet her family.

The talk turned into a big argument, and so Peter reportedly never even met Victoria F.’s parents that night.

“Peter and Victoria F. break up before he ever meets her parents,” Carbone shared on Instagram, “but she goes to see him at this hotel room the next morning before he leaves for his next hometown and she convinces him to give her another chance.”

(To read more about Victoria F.’s hometown date drama and many more details about her alleged scandalous past, click here.)

Peter reportedly revealed his decision to keep Victoria F. in the running for his heart at the Rose Ceremony that followed hometown dates.

Peter cuts Kelsey, but then Madison talks to The Bachelor star

Peter apparently had a last-second change of heart, which threw the Rose Ceremony into disarray.

According to Carbone, Peter chose to eliminate Kelsey at the Rose Ceremony in fourth place.

“Peter throws caution to the wind and has second thoughts about his choices… But before Peter can leave after the Rose Ceremony, one woman with serious concerns stops him to tell him something that could change everything,” ABC teased.


Based on a preview that aired following the February 10 broadcast of The Bachelor, it appears Madison will reveal she’s a virgin and express concerns about Peter having sex with other women on his season.

“If he sleeps with anybody else, it’s going to be hard for me to continue to move forward,” Madison said of Peter in the preview clip.

A bachelorette, presumably Victoria F., was then heard saying in a voiceover, “You gave him an ultimatum — and I’m sorry, it’s disgusting,” seemingly referring to Madison’s conversation with Peter that she wouldn’t want him sleeping with anyone else.

Once the Rose Ceremony concluded, Peter reportedly took off to Australia with his Final 3 bachelorettes — Hannah Ann, Madison and Victoria F.

Spoilers for The Bachelor Final 3 Fantasy Suites

The Bachelor star and his three remaining bachelorettes reportedly next went to Gold Coast, Australia for the season’s overnight Fantasy Suite dates.

Carbone reported Australia hosted both of The Bachelor season’s remaining date rounds, with the season’s Final Rose Ceremony eventually occurring in Alice Springs.


Alice Springs is a small town located in Australia’s Northern Territory and considered the capital of the Australian Outback. 

Gold Coast is a coastal city in Australia’s eastern state of Queensland that is famed for its long sandy beaches, surfing spots, theme parks, and elaborate system of inland canals and waterways.

The two locations are about 1,600 miles apart and feature drastically different climates and geographies.

Peter’s decisions during the overnight dates had repercussions that impacted the rest of the entire season, according to new spoiler details Carbone reported on February 11.

Peter has sex on his Fantasy Suite dats, and Madison finds out

According to Carbone, Peter still decided to have sex with either Hannah Ann or Victoria F. — or possibly both — during his overnight fantasy suite dates despite his prior conversation with Madison.

Peter didn’t tell Madison about it afterwards, however Madison eventually still found out about it from Hannah Ann and Victoria F..

“Peter does have sex in the overnight dates. Shocker, I know. However, Madison doesn’t find this out because Peter tells her, but from Victoria F. and Hannah Ann,” Carbone wrote in his February 11 blog posting.

“There is a girl chat that happens during overnight date week (presumably after all the overnights happen), where they are the ones to tell Madison that sex happened with Peter. One or both, I don’t know for sure, but since both women are the ones to tell Madi, I’m going to assume it was both of them.”

“I know you have questions. Most notably, ‘How and when did this happen?’ Because as we know, once Final 4 hits, these women are always separated from each other and the only time they even see each other are at rose ceremonies, and you don’t get to chit chat about anything,” Carbone continued.

“All I know is that Madison first heard about Peter having sex in the overnights during a girl chat with Victoria F. and Hannah Ann.”

“[The] bottom line is, Madison has a girl chat with the other two during overnight date week and that’s when she first learns Peter had sex on the overnights.”

Following Peter’s overnight Fantasy Suite dates, Peter allegedly sent Victoria F. home in third place, leaving Hannah Ann and Madison as The Bachelor star’s Final 2 women.

However, Madison’s discovery that Peter had sex during his overnight dates reportedly derailed the rest of The Bachelor season.

Spoilers for Final 2 The Bachelor bachelorettes

According to Carbone, Peter’s Final Rose Ceremony was filmed in Alice Springs on November 17.

In his early spoiler reports, Carbone reported Peter’s season didn’t have “a normal ending,” meaning the Final Rose Ceremony didn’t feature Peter rejecting one woman and proposing marriage to the other.

“I can say that I’m very, very confident in saying [that] as we know, [Hannah Ann Sluss] and Madison Prewett are your Final 2,” Carbone revealed in a podcast in December.

“On that Final Rose Ceremony day, it was not down to those two [women], he dumped one, chose the other, and they got engaged. It is not a normal ending this season.”

So did Peter propose to Hannah Ann, Madison, or neither one?

Carbone has admitted he currently isn’t 100 percent certain what Peter’s relationship status is right now, or what it was when he left Australia and returned to America in late November.

On his January 2 podcast, Carbone revealed that Peter did not get engaged to anyone at the season’s Final Rose Ceremony and also did not get engaged to anyone before he returned home from Australia.

Carbone also said he believed it is possible Peter will get engaged on The Bachelor: After the Final Rose’s live broadcast in March, but felt it was unlikely Peter had continued to date both Hannah Ann and Madison after the final Rose Ceremony.


Peter also made numerous pre-season interview comments that many viewers believe suggested his season continued beyond the final Rose Ceremony and he hadn’t filmed the ending of his The Bachelor season yet.

“There’s a reason that no one is going to find out the ending, and I’m very, very excited,” Peter told People in an interview before the season premiered.

“I can say I am very happy with how everything turned out. And I’m excited for everyone to tune in and have it be the very first unspoiled season in a while. So, it’s going to be good!”

Carbone was among those who believed the ending of Peter’s The Bachelor season likely hadn’t been filmed by the time the season premiered on early January. According to Carbone, he couldn’t spoil something that hadn’t happened yet.

On his January 2 podcast, Carbone also reported Peter did not receive a blessing from Madison’s father to propose marriage during Madison’s hometown date.

He noted however, Peter may have gotten permission to pop the question later. Peter could have called Madison’s father from Australia, for example, but Carbone was waiting for more details.

According to Carbone’s January 9 blog posting, “Peter’s incessant stance of ‘no one’s gonna find out the ending to my season’ I believe has more to do with the HOW of his season moreso than the WHO.”

Madison quits after she learns Peter had sex

However, in his February 11 blog, Carbone reported that while he is still not completely certain whether Peter ended the season with Hannah or Madison, Peter’s decision to have Fantasy Suite sex with Hannah Ann and/or Victoria F. resulted in Madison deciding to quit the show at some point before the season’s final Rose Ceremony!

“What I can also report is what many people have suspected this season: Madison self-eliminates this season,” Carbone wrote.

Exactly when Madison decided to quit the show remains unclear to Carbone.

“But again, I’m not sure exactly at what point this happens. We know it has to happen after the overnight date rose ceremony, because that’s where Victoria F. is eliminated. But does it happen before she meets Peter’s parents? It seems like it does, but I don’t have confirmation on that,” he reported.

“Another thing I can report to you, and reiterate again because I said this at the beginning of the season, is that Chris Harrison’s speech to Peter on final rose ceremony day, is NOT to tell him Madison just left… that speech from Chris has nothing to do with Madison.”

In addition, Carbone still remains completely unsure what happened after Madison quit the show.

“The other aspect about Madison’s elimination becomes this: when she left, did she actually leave the country and go home, or, did she leave like [Cassie Randolph] did last season and take herself off the show, but was still there. My money is on she is still there, because I don’t think they would send her home,” he wrote.

Based on his prior knowledge that Peter’s season didn’t have “a normal ending and there’s craziness on final rose ceremony day,” Carbone believes the season definitely did not conclude with Peter having originally planned to pick Hannah Ann and just following through with that decision.

In addition, Carbone also pointed to Hannah Ann’s presence at the final Rose Ceremony as evidence that Peter’s mom most be referring to Madison in the repeatedly-teased season preview scene in which she is shown tearfully telling Peter “don’t let her go, home to us.”

“Why would she be saying that about Hannah Ann? SHE’S STILL THERE,” he wrote. 

According to Carbone, he believes the season’s most likely ending is that Peter “chased” down Madison after she quit the show similar to how The Bachelor star Colton Underwood “chased” Cassie after she quit the show last year, but he remains uncertain if that’s what actually happened.

“The guesses that 90% of you have had of ‘Oh, well Madison leaves because Peter has sex and he chases her down,’ yeah, that might be the gist of all this, but how it happens and when is still unknown,” he wrote.

“When people have said ‘chases her down,’ what exactly does that mean? Where? Because we don’t know for sure if she left Australia or was still ‘there’ even after self-eliminating. I keep coming back to this point of if Hannah Ann was the only woman still present on final rose ceremony day, and Hannah Ann was the woman Peter wanted, seems to me it’s a pretty easy ending. He picks her, and they’re together. I just don’t see it happening that way.”

However, Carbone also acknowledged Peter may have picked Hannah Ann.

“You might relate this to the Des/Chris ending where she was all distraught over Brooks, then moved on with Chris. Hey, maybe Peter does do that. I just don’t believe that is the case this season. HOWEVER, since I don’t 100% know who Peter is with right now, it’s still a possibility.”

Reality Steve guesses Peter is dating Madison

At this point, Carbone admitted his best guess is that Peter is with Madison but the couple are not currently engaged.

“I have heard from numerous sources ‘Madison is with Peter. They are dating but not engaged.’ If you’re holding a gun to my head and forced me to give you my opinion of how this all plays out, I’d say that would be my guess at this point. But that’s just it. A guess,” he wrote in his February 11 blog.

“I don’t know for sure. If I did, I’d tell you. I’m telling you that that’s what people have told me, but I haven’t had the solid confirmation I need to 100% believe it. But yeah, if you’re asking me what I think Peter’s current dating situation is, I’d go with that.”

“They are together, definitely not engaged, and they are working on their relationship because this definitely hasn’t been easy on Madison from all accounts. That answer however doesn’t explain how they technically even got to that point, which is why I’ve been so hesitant to even offer that up as opinion. Because I don’t know how they got there.”

Carbone cited numerous details he still doesn’t know — including whether Madison met with Peter’s family in Australia before she quit the show, whether she appeared at the final Rose Ceremony and if so what happened, if Peter had to return to America to “chase” Madison, and when the “chase” would have occurred and filmed.

Could Hannah Brown be involved in the finale’s ending somehow? Did Peter maybe reunite with Hannah instead?

Unfortunately for viewers hoping for a reconciliation between the two, Peter reportedly did not try to reunite with Hannah B. at the end of his season, and she did not play any role in the ending.

“Hannah Brown has nothing to do with the ending of this season,” Carbone wrote in his January 9 blog posting.


“I know people are still holding out hope, and I know you’ll have questions about, ‘Well how can he just shut off those feelings,’ or ‘are you sure,’ and ‘well what about this or this…’ etc,” Carbone continued in his blog post.

“All I can tell you and officially confirm today is that after you see Hannah and Peter finish up their convo on [Episode 2], she has nothing to do with the rest of Peter’s season.”

Carbone reported Hannah B. “doesn’t show up at the finale,” nor is the former Alabama beauty queen part of some dramatic twist later on this season.

“They’re not secretly dating, nothing,” Carbone insisted. “Sorry Peter and Hannah Brown fans. No dice.”

Hannah also called Peter “bud” on Instagram and wished him luck in his journey to find a co-pilot after the premiere episode of The Bachelor, seemingly suggesting there’s no romance between them now.

“Hannah Brown doesn’t play any role in his final decision, and I can solidly say Peter is not single, this is a Hannah Ann/Madison discussion,” Carbone wrote in his January 9 blog.


What about spoiler rumors Peter ended up with The Bachelor producer Julie LaPlaca?

Recently, a Reddit user began circulating a theory that Peter ended up with Julie LaPlaca, who has served as one of the producers of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise since 2014.

The source of the theory was very weak and consisted largely of a few photos Julie publicly shared on her Instagram showing her posing for photos with Peter, as well as a photo showing her enjoying New Year’s Eve lunch with some of his family before Peter appeared on ABC’s New Year’s Eve programming.

However, the theory went viral after it was breathlessly promoted (and then re-promoted) in click-bait articles published by Hearst Digital Media’s Cosmopolitan and Women’s Health websites, among others — resulting in Carbone recently speaking out to clarify the spoiler theory is “garbage” and not correct.

“Gonna make this as simple as possible for every1 since it’s all I get asked now: It’s garbage, there is absolutely nothing to this, it makes zero sense & people are desperately grasping at straws bc the ending isn’t out yet,” he tweeted on February 8.

“Hope that clears things up.”

ABC’s “thrilled” with Peter’s The Bachelor season

ABC executive Robert Mills has revealed he’s overjoyed with how Peter’s The Bachelor season turned out but also teased the pilot’s love story is still playing out in the real world.

“I am thrilled with how the season turned out,” ABC reality chief Robert Mills recently told Variety in an interview.

“There is so much drama and laughs and tears. The locations are great, the dates are great.”

As previously noted, Peter has been boasting all season that viewers won’t be able to figure out the ending to his season.

Peter previously told Entertainment Tonight there is a “specific reason” why he’s confident no one is going to be able to spoil the details.

“The last three seasons, what we learned is that the season is not really ever done,” Robert explained when addressing speculation the season’s final ending has not been filmed yet.

“We wrapped filming and yes, technically we’re done, but we’re not really done because they’re living their real life, so it doesn’t really end until the finale airs. You never know what’s going to happen.”


“Less than 50” people know the ending to Peter’s The Bachelor season allegedly

Robert recently stated that “less than 50” people know the ending of Peter’s season.

“I do know [the ending], yes,” Robert told Nick Viall during a recent appearance on the former The Bachelor star’s The Viall Files podcast.

“It’s pretty crazy. I’ll say that… This one is pretty cool.”

When asked how many people know how Peter’s season ended, Robert replied, “Not many. Less than 50, maybe. Something like that.”

Robert elaborated, “But it’s not people who work on the show. It’s the people that spread [the news] to other people… You tell one, especially somebody that then loves to tell people.”

Nick admitted to Robert on his podcast he’s “fascinated” no one really knows how The Bachelor is going to play out.

“It’s wild that Peter is saying this with confidence, because when Peter says this, my first reaction is, ‘Oh, what a young pup who doesn’t realize how [it works].’ But no one seems to know!” Nick said.

“No one knows, and the thing for him is that he stayed very tight-lipped about everything,” Robert said.

“I think it’s just important to him that everybody,” Robert began.

“I could tell!” Nick interjected.

“When I saw him — I’ve said this before — most leads want to tell, like, ‘I need to tell someone. Can I tell you? You’re in the group; you’re in the club,’ so to speak, you know? And I’ll be like, ‘Sure, you want to tell me? I don’t care?'”

“Peter was like, ‘Nope.'”

“Not saying anything,” Robert added.


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Free for Haul Friday, Volume #537




Share your recent beauty purchases or rediscovered favorites in your stash (for those on low/no-buys!), chit chat about weekend plans, and learn a little more about each other!

Let’s Chat!

Share your own answers in the comments!

  • Haul/Rediscoveries: Giorgio Armani Mahogany Lip Maestro (just one new shade I saw!), Tom Ford Destroy Lip Spark (eight new shades, PR sent 7 of 8 shades so I bought the 8th one), MAC Back to Surreality Eyeshadow (was missing this shade from the new Loud & Clear collection), Urban Decay Wired liners
  • Weekend plans: I’m going to take some photos and do swatches of a handful of new products today, and then spend most of the weekend finding and entering dupes to prep posts for next week.
  • Are you big into celebrating holidays?: Not really! We barely celebrate/acknowledge a lot of holidays these days (we’re not fussed over birthdays or anniversaries either), though we have found that it makes a lot of those holidays boring, LOL. With my mother-in-law moving near us this year and my parents moving near us the following year, I expect holidays will be a bigger thing.

P.S. — Join us over in the official Temptalia chatroom on Discord! 🙂

This week’s mellan photo/video…

Share your pet photos to the Temptalia Pets flickr group!

The first of many dog in a box attempts!

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9 Simple Tips That Will Help You Sleep Better And Wake Up Easier




A good night sleep can work wonders for your well-being: it can improve your concentration, strengthen your memory, boost your immune system and protect your mental health. Yet, despite all these scientifically proven benefits, so many of us just aren’t getting enough of that sacred shuteye. Some might blame this on stress or an irregular routine, meanwhile others might put it down to different chronotype classifications (we’ll explain what these are later). But, whatever the reason, there are so many simple and across-the-board changes that will make a dramatic difference for everyone. We’ve rounded up our top nine so get ready to say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to refreshed mornings…

1. Work out your chronotype classification…

There are four main chronotypes – bears, wolves, lions and dolphins – and which classification you fall into basically depends on whether your unique biological clock makes you more of a morning or evening person. Bears (50-55% of the population) sleep a lot but not enough, lack energy after lunch and are most productive between the hours of 11am to 6pm. Lions (15% of the population) are early risers who like to get most things done in the morning and go to sleep early. Wolves (15-20% of the population) hate mornings and are at their most productive in the second half of the day. Meanwhile, dolphins, (10% of the population) can barely sleep at all and usually suffer from insomnia. So, if you want to really want to optimise your sleep, identifying your chronotype can help you to tailor your day and night routine to your body’s natural preferences. This online quiz will help you work out your own.

2. Kick the caffeine habit

In the morning, a coffee can be a much-needed pick-me-up. However, caffeine can stay elevated in your blood stream for six to eight hours, so drinking it late into the afternoon can significantly worsen your quality of sleep. If you aim to go to sleep around 10 or 11pm, try avoiding coffee from around 3pm or sticking to decaffeinated alternatives if you really can’t resist the afternoon coffee run.

3. Manage your light exposure

The amount of light exposure you get, both during the day and the evening, can noticeably impact your ability to transition into sleep. Here’s what you need to know:

By day…

  • Try to expose yourself to lots of light. This will help your body to recognise the contrast between daytime light and evening darkness and, therefore, when to start producing melatonin.
  • Get outside as close to the time of waking as possible by having your morning coffee or walking to work. Fortunately, spring is on the horizon so this should get easier.
  • Step outside on your work breaks. A walk around the block at lunch time will do the trick!
  • When you are inside, make sure to keep all the curtains open. This should help you to stay more alert too!

By night…

  • The bright blue light from your screens can suppress the release of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin so if you can pull yourself away from your phone and other devices for one to two hours before bed, you’ll definitely notice the benefit when you try to get to sleep.  If this seems like an impossible task, download a light-altering software like f.lux which will gradually remove the blue light from your screens in the hour before bed. You won’t even notice!
  • Avoid reading from backlit devices and opt for a good old-fashioned book instead!
  • If you do wake up in the night, keep the lights down and resist the urge to reach for your phone.

4. Practice smart napping

It’s completely natural to experience a post-lunch dip in energy between 1-3pm and napping is the perfect solution. However, if you don’t want your power nap to impinge on your night-time sleep routine, you have to be smart about it. Research has proven that naps of ten to twenty minutes will allow you to wake up alert without the groggy post-nap feeling. Any longer and you’ll be left feeling a lot worse post-nap because you’ll have to wake yourself from a deeper sleep.

5. Perfect your bedroom environment

You shouldn’t underestimate how much your environment affects your ability to transition into sleep and we’re not just talking about the decor. There are a few general pointers that are great to keep in mind when perfecting your space:

  • Temperature – believe it or not, this can have more of an impact than noise. A cool 18 degrees is the most comfortable temperature for most people.
  • Sound – this isn’t rocket science: loud noises don’t make for a calming sleep set up.
  • Smell – certain scents, like lavender and sandalwood, can be particularly conducive to a relaxing sleep. On the contrary, peppermint, lemon and rosemary can help to invigorate you in the morning so using a diffuser with a timer can help!
  • Mind – your bed is for sleeping, so try to reserve it for this activity only rather than using it as a space to work or watch TV. This way, you can disassociate the activities from each other and protect the serenity of your bedroom.

6. Lock down your pre-sleep routine

Remember when you were little and your parents would tuck you into bed and read you a story to send you to sleep? This is called a pre-sleep routine and they can work miracles for adults trying to get to sleep too! The most important thing here is to try and regulate your body clock by going to sleep and waking up at roughly the same time every day. After you’ve got this down, reading, listening to relaxing music, jotting down your thoughts and stresses in a journal or practicing short meditation can help to calm your mind and body before bed.

7. Say no to snoozing

It turns out, your body has a few nifty mechanisms that prepare you to wake up and get moving in the morning. For example, one of these is increasing your core temperature in the two hours before waking in order to make you feel more alert and less sleepy. When you hit the snooze button, this confuses your internal body clock, making it think ‘false alarm’ and stopping all these mechanisms from fulfilling their important morning routine. Ultimately, this means you’ll wake up feeling less refreshed and reluctant to force yourself out of your warm cosy bed. You know what they say, ‘you snooze, you lose’.

8. Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up

On that note, drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up is one way to help you avoid the tempting snooze button as the process of drinking will force you to sit up. Plus, the water will invigorate your body, help you to flush out toxins and fire up your metabolism for the day ahead. If you can’t stand the idea of sipping on a lukewarm drink that’s been sitting on the side for hours, a thermal water bottle will keep your water cool and crisp overnight.

9. Make a morning playlist

Just like those upbeat bangers are an essential aspect of your gym routine or a calming set of tunes can set the tone on a lazy Sunday, a playlist full of happy high-energy hits is proven to help you get up and about in the morning. According to music psychologist David M. Greenberg, the best songs for waking you up have optimistic lyrics, a tempo with an average beats-per-minute of 100-130, and a gradual build-up over the course of the song. You could create your own playlist or just type ‘morning’ into Spotify and take your pick!


Your diet can also affect how refreshed you feel in the morning! Discover 6 foods that will help you wake up feeling energised and glowing this winter…


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