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All your questions about female masturbation, answered.



One study, published in 2017, focused entirely on women’s experiences with genital touching, sexual pleasure, and orgasm. They surveyed 1,055 women between the ages of 18 and 94 years old.

What they discovered is that each woman needed different kinds of touch techniques to reach orgasm, which explained why the how-to articles I’d read didn’t seem to work for me.

“Overall, results demonstrated substantial variability among American women’s preferences,” the study reads. “And while some kinds of genital touching or stimulation were more often preferred than others, most women endorsed a narrow range of touch techniques, underscoring the value of partner communication to sexual pleasure and satisfaction.”

We are as unique as our fingerprints, and no two women will like the same assemblage of sexual tips and tricks. This is why it’s more important than ever that women communicate with their partner during sex.

Listen to Overshare, where hosts chat about how they masturbate. Just like the best group chat with your mates, Overshare is a bit smart, a bit dumb and a bit taboo. Post continues below.

The interview questions about genital touching were very specific:

  • What amount of pressure do you prefer? (from being touched very lightly to medium and hard pressure)
  • What shape or style of motion do you prefer? (“Side to side, up and down, diagonal, circular, tall ovals, wide ovals, pushing/pressing in one spot, pulsating/rapid pushing in one spot,” etc.)
  • Where do you prefer to be touched on your vulva/vagina? (“Directly on the clitoris, on the skin around the clitoris, avoid touching the clitoris directly, occasionally brushing over the clitoris but not applying pressure to it,” etc.)
  • And, lastly, what preference of touch do you prefer? (fingers, hands, mouth, etc.).

I wish I’d been able to read questions like this when I was a pre-orgasmic woman. Their specificity is a blueprint that could have made it possible for me to figure out what I liked much earlier on. That combined with my roommate’s advice — “When it starts to feel weird, just keep going” — would have surely helped me sooner.

If you’re a woman unsure what you like in bed and/or trying to figure out how to communicate your desires to a partner, these questions are a place to start!

For solo-play:

  1. Start with considering the amount of pressure you prefer on your clitoris. Try very light all the way to hard and assess what you prefer.
  2. Put your finger on your clit, and try each of the touch techniques. Keep in mind that some require moving around the vulva/vagina. (side to side, up and down, diagonal, circular, tall ovals, wide ovals, pushing/pressing in one spot, pulsating/rapid pushing in one spot).
  3. Consider how the touch you tried above feels and what you prefer. Directly on clitoris? On the skin around clitoris? Avoid the clitoris completely? Occasionally brushing over clitoris but not applying pressure to it?
  4. Then consider if the touch you’ve figured out you like is best applied with a finger or tongue.

The final — and hardest for me at least — step is in having a partner you are comfortable enough with to convey the specific ways you prefer your clit to be touched. What I think is helpful is the exact language used in the above questions. I always felt at a loss for the words to describe exactly what I liked. If I had a partner I was comfortable with, I might try to show him, but that didn’t necessarily replicate the experience I needed.

Getting comfortable with and knowledgeable your own body and sexuality and choosing sexual partners that make you feel comfortable and you can communicate with can’t be highlighted enough.

Hopefully, the above blueprint gives you a place to start and you can rocketship your way to better sexual pleasure today, both alone and with a partner.

This article originally appeared on Medium and was republished here with full permission. 


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Safety Is Always In Style




The holidays are past, but the season of giving continued this January at RVNAhealth, thanks to an $11,000 grant from the Workers’ Compensation Trust.  The bountiful gift included a generous supply of inclement weather gear; ergonomically-correct workstation devices; and patient slide sheets for the safe transitioning of patients in their homes.

The end goal, and result, of the grant is to provide equipment and items that promote a safer workplace — both inside the RVNAhealth building and in the field —and reduce stress and strain for employees performing work-related tasks.  

The inclement weather gear purchased through the grant includes walk traction cleats, high-powered LED lights (flashlights) and jugs of Ice Melt, to help nurses, therapists, and home health aides safely navigate to and from patients’ homes in the dark, cold, and slipperiness of winter.  The workstation equipment includes wireless keyboards for use with tablets when relaying information and data from the field, as well as standing desks and phone headsets to support RVNAhealth office staff.  And the Patient Slide Sheets help RVNAhealth patient teams safely maneuver and transfer patients while reducing the risk of caregiver strain or injury. 

“Falling en route to see a patient, or straining one’s back during patient care, doesn’t help anybody,” says John Apinis, Director of Nursing Practice at RVNAhealth. “The items provided by the Worker’s Compensation Fund grant give us confidence, security and safety while doing what we do best – taking care of others.”

Learn more about RVNAhealth here.


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A mum and daughter who use the rideshare service.




Juggling full-time work and parenthood can be tough. Mum-of-two and director of a national recruitment agency, Christy Moses knows this all too well. With her family overseas and a husband who works as a primary school teacher, getting seven-year-old daughter Mackenzie to and from afternoon ballet lessons presented a bit of a challenge.

That’s when Christy connected with Shebah driver Alison. As Australia’s only all-women rideshare, Shebah delivers safe transport for women and kids while ensuring drivers are supported and earn well.

Every Monday, Alison picks Mackenzie up from school and drives her to her dance lessons. The arrangement has empowered both Christy and Alison to succeed in careers they love. And along the way, Alison has become more than a driver – she’s become a much-loved extended member of the Moses family. We heard from both women how it’s changed their lives.


My daughter Mackenzie loves to dance. She started when she was four and has added more classes each year. These days she dances on Monday and Thursday afternoons as well as Saturdays so it’s a big commitment. Her afternoon dance classes start at 4pm, a time when both my husband and I are at work. For a while we managed to get her there with the help of a nanny but when the nanny quit to start uni, we were stuck.

Finding a nanny to do a school pick-up and drop-off once a week was hard. I was talking about my situation at a local café and a guy who worked there said, “You should talk to Alison because she does driving specifically for kids and women.” I looked Alison up and got in touch. Back then not many people knew about Shebah, me included.

Alison explained how the Shebah app and service worked. I could select Alison as our preferred driver and book her up to 30 days in advance. Alison also gave me all her details in terms of identification so I could provide it to Mackenzie’s school and dance school. We then organised a face-to-face meeting so Alison could introduce herself to Mackenzie before the first ride.

Fast forward 15 months and Alison has never missed a ride. She picks Mackenzie up from school every Monday and drives her to her ballet class. On the way, Mackenzie tells Alison about her day and Alison talks about her own daughter who is in high school. When they get to dancing, Alison waits for Mackenzie to get changed and even does her hair.

I love the close relationship they’ve developed and I love knowing that Mackenzie is in such safe hands. One day Alison could sense that Mackenzie was upset about something that happened at school. Alison talked it through with her then messaged me so I could chat to Mackenzie about it when I picked her up after dancing. It’s great to have another adult there to support your child because your kids don’t always tell you everything.


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