Day: October 2, 2020

Bubba Kush – The Best Strains Online

Bubba kush strain
Source: The Clinic Colorado

Whether you are new to the world of cannabis or you’re an expert, the one name that you cannot ignore is that of Bubba Kush. This is a sweet and earthy strain which is known to be almost pure Indica. It is named after Bubba, the person who first grew it. Today it has gained the prominence of being one of the best strains online. In this article we will learn more about its background and effects.

It has gained popularity in the US and around the world for the soothing effect it has on the user. The genetics of this well-known strain comes from the legendary OG Kush strain and Bubble Gum strain. Although it does not last as long as its parent, OG Kush, Bubba is a real classic Kush that has built up quite a fan following.

It is sought after for its sweet hashish flavors that come with subtle notes of coffee and chocolate. It delights the palate as you feel a sense of powerful relaxation take over you. You feel the euphoria from head to toe, as the muscles relax, and a dreamy euphoria takes over the mind. You can feel the stress getting crushed under a happy mood.

Appearance and Smell

The feature of Kush is a distinct BC bud Canada structure with attractive hues that range from pale purple to green. The buds are tight and medium sized, like that of popcorn. They may sometimes look like small pine cones with a structure of a Christmas tree, which is typical for the Indicas. Each nug that comes in the herb is covered in trichromes and it is known for its striking sugary-appearance.

Origin Point

Although the bud structure and plant stature suggest that Bubba may have an Afghani descent, the genetic origins are not clear. According to the breeder, it came into existence around 1996 due to a cross pollination between OG Kush hybrid and an Indica strain originated in New Orleans. Although the mother plant was probably Northern Light, the child Indica was called simply Bubba and it has since then known to have Californian origins.


What makes Bubba Kush stand out from others is its amazing aroma. The strain has a subtle and sweet perfume which feels like a mix of earthy and citrus. When the herb is grounded, it leaves a more pungent smell, which is heavy on musk and spices.

The User Experience

This is definitely recommended for nighttime use as it is known to have immediate effects causing a deep sedation and heavy eyelids. After tasting this herb, users may expect to drift off to sleep or sometimes experience a powerful body high.

Overall, you may expect a hazy and tranquilizing effect from the use of this flowery herb. It produces a kind of strong euphoria, turning the experience into surreal and dreamy. It prompts a sense of deep relaxation and relieves you from stress. Bubba Kush cultivates a sense of contentment and bliss which can have a therapeutic effect on users after a long tiring day. However, from treating depression to helping manage alcohol addiction, researchers say legal medical “magic mushrooms” have many potential benefits.

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